Chief Business Development Officer

Ana Margarida Coelho

Ana Margarida Coelho has extensive professional experience working with cross-functional teams.

She has a creative, communicative, and resilient spirit, always keeps a positive attitude, and is focused on opportunities. She has a special taste for decoration and nature. In her spare time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and listening to music.

Academic Training:

Ana Margarida Coelho joined the University of Aveiro in 1994 and graduated in Biology. In 2002 she returned to the University of Aveiro, together with the University of Coimbra, to attend a degree in Economics.

Professional Experience:

She began her professional career as a Medical Information Delegate for 2 years at FarIbérica. She worked for Bosch Termotecnologia, S.A. as an Assistant in the infrastructure department. Since 2005, she has been a Business Development Manager.


Portuguese, English and Spanish.