Senior Lawyer & General Manager

Aldo Tavares Castilho

He is a founding partner of the Castilho International Legal Corporation and works mainly in Corporate, Asset and Credit Management in the Emea and Latam markets.

His family is his main source of inspiration and commitment to humanity. He finds harmony in activities that involve nature, especially viticulture and biodynamics, and believes nature is the true journey to the centre of oneself. The alchemy in the production of wines and the joy in the practice of water sports enrich his performance in the provision of legal services.

He understands that his presence at Castilho International Legal Corporation is an opportunity to grow in an international context, within a global legal ecosystem, contributing to the professional and personal life of each person with whom the Castilho International Legal Corporation comes across. He sees it as a seal of nature and humanism which is essential and surpasses the mere provision of a service and which the Customer takes with them and makes them part of Castilho International Legal Corporation.

Academic Training:

He studied Law at Universidade Lusíada and in 2006 he became a member of the Portuguese Bar Association.

Work Experience:

Aldo Tavares Castilho did his legal internship in the classic law firm of Dr. Fernando Oliveira, a unique man.

He started his career as a lawyer at the Law Firm he founded in 2006, Castilho - International Law Firm, and as a consultant in asset and liability management at ACLRConsulting & Debt. He is a member of several international professional associations related to law and credit recovery.

In 2007, he began his journey in the areas of Debt Collection & Credit Management and Corporate, coordinating the Business Development department.

Nowadays, he is GM of Castilho International Legal Corporation.


He regularly writes in several publications on topics in the areas of Asset & Credit Management.


Portuguese, English and Spanish.