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Truth, integrity, and Commitment.

Trust is built on truth.

These are the core values that underlie our actions. At the Castilho Corporation our activity and advisory services are governed by these fundamentals and our international expertise.

Founded in 2006, Castilho is a legal Portuguese corporation with extensive international experience. Inspired by the core values of truth, independence and assuming an entrepreneurial spirit, at Castilho we defend human rights and coexistence with nature. Our work is widely acknowledged, as we provide our customers and partners with the knowledge they need and a sense of trust.

We always seek to offer the best optimized and personalized solutions aiming to meet the real needs of each customer. Our customers and partners are our source of inspiration, and this is why we make a daily commitment to constantly innovate, evolve and maintain the highest efficiency levels.

We believe that the Present sets the Future in motion! We know that by working side by side with our customers, it is possible to contribute to a more sustainable future, based on the values of the ESG – Environmental Social Governance, which are pivotal for the success, value creation and development of any company.

We genuinely perceive law as an art form. We are aware of the complexity of the world, of humanism and of the adversities that often arise. Nevertheless, we are sure to be the corporation that will help our customers find different, simple, and sustainable solutions.

We bring together a talented, creative, and ethical team with extensive academic knowledge and professional expertise who strives to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Values, Mission, and Vision

Truth, integrity, independence, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and professionalism.

We intend to offer our customers and partners versatile, bold, tailored, and legally sustainable solutions, doing so with an international approach.

Nature and Humanism are the two great forces that move us as people and professionals. Abiding by these guidelines, we are able to develop strong and sustainable solutions that promote the best interest of our customers and are designed by professionals who are committed to the future.


A Legal Corporation with an International reach.

Since its creation, CASTILHO has established a reliable international brand in the international legal advisory market, offering independent legal services that reflect the objectives and interests of its customers.


Creation of Castilho International Legal Corporation.


Segmentation and creation of Castilho International Asset Management, devoted exclusively to asset management and credit recovery.


We joined the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.


Global image rebranding.


Opening of the first office in Spain, Madrid, affirming itself as an Iberian office.


Expansion in Spain, via the celebration of an agreement with the largest Spanish network of Lawyers - Euriux - present in 52 cities.


Alteration of the legal form to Tavares Castilho, Rodrigues & Associados, Soc. Advogados, SP RL.


Castilho partnered with the three largest international networks for credit recovery companies with a global presence: EOS, TCM and CREDITREFORM. The partnership covered the Portuguese and Spanish markets.


First Law Firm to integrate the use of CMS (Credit Management Software) dedicated exclusively to the extra-judicial and judicial recovery of credit and the mass management of processes.


Opening of the office in Lisbon, as the main axis of Latam countries to Europe and Europe Latam Countries relations.


Strengthening of the position in the Spanish market and the Autonomous Community of Galicia, with the opening of the first delegation in Vigo.


Creation of the first Iberian website for credit recovery in B2B and B2C markets in Portugal and Spain.


Alteration of the company name - Castilho International Law Firm.


Creation of ACLR Consulting & Debt, an internal department 100% devoted to support national and international credit recovery processes.


Creation of the Trademarks, “O Advogado do Emigrante” and “Mudar o Estado Civil em Portugal” to tackle the need for support and legal advice in Portugal felt by Portuguese emigrants around the world.


First step towards digital transformation. One of the first offices in Portugal with 100cloud document management support.


Tavares Castilho & Rodrigues, Advogados RL, was founded by partners Aldo Tavares Castilho and Liliana Rodrigues, as a Full-Service Law Firm with an eye on international advisory service provision.

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About Us


Our company is made of people and for people. Our team stands out for its audacity, technical expertise, creativity, independence, and professional accuracy. At Castilho, technical quality results from the combination of the required professional and academic experience with humanity, which is essential in law.

Individual growth is fundamental to the cohesive and consistent growth of the team. Therefore, we offer all the conditions necessary to enable each element of our team to evolve as a person and a professional becoming part of a whole. We encourage and support plurality, diversity of ideas and perspectives, as well as equal opportunities. An innovative, motivated, and independent generation is key to ensuring the success and continuity of the provision of quality services.

At the origin of our project is a global spirit of constant discovery. We establish international partnerships to ensure personalized and early support to our customers. We perceive our customers as travel partners on a common journey.

Do you have a global mind? Come on this journey with us! Send your resume to and be part of our history.
What we do


Our goal is to offer strategic assistance to companies, offering them specialized services in the economic sector in which they operate and helping them to value their assets. To this end, we have a team of professionals of excellence, with extensive knowledge and experience in the legal activity of the various economic sectors.

Our legal services and our operations cover several economic sectors. Each sector has specificities that must encompass a legal approach in the exercising of its functions. Therefore, Castilho provides advice to its national and international customers to ensure they meet the legal requirements needed to develop their activity in the market.