Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources sector is growing steadily, aided by diversification and dynamism. Production and distribution chains are becoming global and are, consequently, regulated at national and international levels. Alongside the economic development of energy and natural resources, we witness technological innovation and the growing concern and awareness regarding environmental sustainability.

Castilho International Legal Corporation advises national and international companies in the energy industry sector and provides legal support to all actors in the value chain. Relying on standards of excellence and with extensive experience in the sector, we guarantee the development of the most sustainable, innovative, and appropriate legal solutions for each project.

The Oil and Gas industry is also growing, representing a crucial expense in various sectors. Although the production of these resources does not take place in Portugal, our know-how in international markets has given us with experience and knowledge in the various segments of this industry. We act in an integrated way in the various legal, commercial, and practical aspects regarding the operations and development of projects for this industry.