Fintech is the term used to define a technological economy, where technology and innovation are applied in the delivery and use of financial services. This term has already guaranteed its importance among entrepreneurs, investors, governments, regulators, and financial institutions.

Nevertheless, the rapid development of new technologies in the financial sector and the insufficient regulation, pose some difficulties and lead to controversies in the execution of the traditional business models.

Castilho International Legal Corporation is knowledgeable and available to provide integrated legal support. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers is fully qualified to legally support and advise the innovation ecosystem, including the largest national and international Fintech players.

Based on a philosophy of innovation, truth and integrity, Castilho International Legal Corporation is the ideal partner to handle, in an integrated way, the various versions and expressions of this theme. Thus, we have a team specialized in various sectors such as cybersecurity, privacy & data protection, money laundering prevention, compliance, and tax law. Our know-how and experience allow us to intervene in projects involving blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, automation, e-commerce, etc.