Asset Management

Castilho International Asset Management

Strategy and Customization

Castilho's Asset Management service was carefully planned and prepared to provide quality services to customers who want to delegate the management of their investments to a professional.

At Castilho, we have a full vision of the complexity of the world and, consequently, of the demand for regulation at a national and international level, in an environment marked by economic and financial volatility.

In a more creative and effective approach to the traditional legal issues of asset management, we have redesigned our activity with new spaces for intervention based on a personalized strategy. In this way, our team, composed of specialized lawyers, advises investors, companies and private individuals concerning credit recovery.

Asset Management Advisory and Consulting services

The diversification of customer portfolios by different assets is an element that boosts medium- and long-term investment.

Thus, we present our customers with an integrated planning, implementation, and monitoring strategy that is specific to each type of investment. According to each customer, i.e., their demands, needs and specifications, we outline the ideal solution for their portfolio, as well as the tools they should use, aiming for the best results.

About Us

We are a team and we work as a team

Our company is made of people and for people. Our team stands out for its audacity, technical expertise, creativity, independence, and professional accuracy. At Castilho, technical quality results from the combination of the required professional and academic experience with humanity, which is essential in law.