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Debt collection and recovery

Own methodology

Credit and debt recovery are pressing issues within companies and individuals, which leads to increasing demand for legal support. Although it is an increasingly cross-cutting issue, there are different approaches, and the objective is common:  to recover credit fast and effectively.

Castilho develops its methodology for the management of debt collection and resolution of default issues in the payment of debts. Our purpose is to represent and defend the interests of our customers and, to this end, we have a team of qualified professionals in this field. Our working methodology aims to carefully ensure the interests, integrity, and dignity of our customers, but also to ensure respect for the others involved in the process.

Castilho's differentiating approach is based on a perspective of prevention and anticipation of litigation. That is, before the lawsuit goes to a litigation phase, Castilho carefully analyses the credit and establishes a strategy that preserves dialogue and personalized treatment with the debtor. We intend to foster a relationship that leads to voluntary payment, through the negotiation of agreements, payment alternatives and identification of guarantees to criminal clauses.

International recognition

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in handling and solving issues related to debt collection and recovery, we are internationally recognized and acknowledged for the several successful judicial and extrajudicial cases. We present a success rate of about 90% in the extrajudicial collection and 80% in the judicial collection.

We have established partnerships with several international firms, specializing in the Management of International Credit Recovery Lawsuits. Our Credit Recovery Department acts in agreement with the recovery and insolvency lawyers, to guarantee speed and transparency in the different stages of the process, in Portugal and abroad.

Institute for Credit Control and Recovery Management

Given our international breadth, the result of our experience and knowledge, we founded the “Iberian Institute of Credit Management”.

This Institute is dedicated to the study and participation in the management of Assets and Liabilities, in the extrajudicial and judicial phase. It has teams to study and monitor the evolution of debt, as well as creative collection methods. At the same time, these teams monitor the requirements of international transactions in the four speciality areas: Insurance, Banking, Health, Medicine, Utilities and Other Industries.