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Credit Management

The management of the Collection Portfolio of a company is an important and valued issue within an organization. Nevertheless, it is a task that requires structuring and planning in the execution and analysis of financial operations.

It is a service guided by demand, rigour, and professionalism and, therefore, we have a team of excellence, with solid knowledge and the necessary know-how to address the issue. This approach allows Castilho Advogados to remain at the forefront of many projects in this area.

Friendly and positive approach

Castilho Advogados always seeks to maintain a friendly and positive relationship between customers, partners, and suppliers, through extra-judicial solutions. Our role is to carry out a proper analysis, on a case-by-case basis, and find alternatives that are advantageous for both sides, based on integrity, truth, and innovation.

In this way, we can reach out more easily to people, ensuring a vision focused on our customers' interests.