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It is common to come across situations of over-indebtedness households, but also companies. High unemployment rates, low wages, rising taxes, and low levels of investment have put Portuguese households and companies in a fragile situation.

Therefore, the recovery, restructuring and revitalization of individuals and corporate organizations are completely necessary.

In this sense, Castilho is concerned with acting in the defence of its customers, whether they are in a creditor or debtor situation. Both situations must be managed with competence, speed, commitment, honesty, transparency, and truth. We believe that our ethics and professionalism can help our customers in the search for the most viable, optimistic, and innovative solutions, thus creating a strong loyalty and trust relationship.

In addition to ensuring the protection of the debtor and defending the interests of the creditor, our approach is based on strategic advice aimed at resolving legal issues.
Through a specialized and fast service oriented towards each specific situation, we seek to offer feasible and practical solutions, to safeguard the interests of customers.