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Payment services

Castilho has extensive experience in providing legal assistance regarding payment systems and payment services. Our teams of lawyers have extensive knowledge about the regulation and integration of payment systems, both nationally and internationally, as well as the specific characteristics of the sector.

Therefore, we assist our customers in the constitution, licensing, and development of all contractual regulations inherent to payment systems and terminal network management. Our teams are aware of the rapid changes and developments in this sector and are, therefore, prepared to act and provide personalized advice which is appropriate to each situation.

Alternative, innovative and creative solutions

In this area, our services consist of the creation of alternative, innovative and creative solutions for new forms of payment, using applications or software that provide an automatic payment experience. In this scenario, we articulate with the regulatory authorities concerning all issues related to the management and protection of information and personal data, as well as the detection and prevention of fraud, within the scope of electronic means of payment.