Senior Lawyer & Chief Operations Officer

Liliana Rodrigues

She is a founding partner of Castilho International Legal Corporation and works mainly in Corporate, Asset and Credit Management, in Portugal and Spain.

Mother of three, in love with beauty and nature, she believes nature is the greatest source of inspiration and knowledge. If she were an element, she would be a tree that sheds its leaves each autumn to bring melancholy to a couple in love and covers itself with leaves each spring to shade a literature lover and provides arms for adventurous children who want to climb it.

She considers that being part of Castilho International Legal Corporation enables one to interact with the whole world with its legal and humanly rich and distinct realities and to have a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth and development.

Rigour and discipline, qualities she acquired from the practice of figure skating, give her a more optimistic and natural perception of situations and, above all, of people.

She believes that one needs to keep an open mind prone to sharing knowledge and value because, in the end, the people who cross our way are the ones who enrich and nurture our work, whether they are customers, laws, or the market itself.

Academic Training:

She studied Law at Universidade Lusíada and in 2006, she became a member of the Portuguese Bar Association.

Work Experience:

Liliana Rodrigues started her career as a Lawyer at the Company “MCM, MHP and BS Associados, Sociedade de Advogados”, a pioneer in PT, specialists in Insurance Contract Law.

In 2006, she began her journey in the areas of e-business, Credit Management, Human Resources, Purchasing, Risk, Communication and Corporate Governance.

Nowadays, she is the COO of Castilho International Legal Corporation and strives for the efficiency and effectiveness of the work performed, as well as the personal and professional development of the teams.


She regularly writes in several publications on topics in the Asset & Credit Management areas.


Portuguese, English and Spanish.