Senior Lawyer & Associate
Corporate Chief Officer

Ana Vilela Nogueiro

Ana Vilela Nogueiro is an undisputed professional. Always organized, receptive, innovative and with an inquiring mind, she thrives for success in each project she is involved.

With good communication and interpersonal understanding skills, Ana Vilela Nogueiro quickly adapts to different multicultural environments, easily exercising leadership functions.

She values family and friends, considering them the pillar of her life. She likes theatre, cinema, stand-up comedy, travelling, skiing, and cooking.

Academic Training:

Ana Vilela Nogueiro attended the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Lusíada in Porto and did an undergraduate and post-graduate degree in Law. She joined the Portuguese Bar Association in 2012 and in 2014 she did the Training in Labour Procedural Practices and her Law Internship course.

She also attended several training courses in Languages and New Technologies.

Work Experience:

Ana Vilela Nogueiro started her professional career as an intern in 2009, practising law. She joined the Castilho International Law Firm in 2011 as an intern, assuming the position of Lawyer in 2014. Since then, she has held positions in the various areas of Law.

She has extensive experience in litigation and recovery of National/International Credit, as well as in the monitoring and management of corporate customers in the national and international market.


Portuguese, English and Spanish.