Lawyer & Legal Collection Manager

Raquel Melo de Sousa

With an easy smile, strong personality, and firm convictions, she enjoys meeting new people, as she believes each one contributes to her personal and professional growth.

She believes that human beings and human relationships are complex, requiring the individual to have the understanding, empathy, and patience necessary for the constant evolution of who we are in society.

She lives in constant reflection on who she is and wants to be, striving to help all those who seek her out. This is what drives her, feeling that what she does is worthwhile, whether for herself or for the “other.” With great ambition and a desire to win, guided by respect for individuality, she maintains focus on the realm of reason because without it, we are mere dreamers. 

She loves to travel and finds in plants the meaning of life; after all, they only grow and flourish when they have care and attention. Adaptability, time management, responsibility, and team spirit are skills she has developed over the years.

Academic Training:

Master's and PhD candidate in Law from Universidade Lusíada do Norte - Porto. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate degree in Labor Law and Social Security promoted by Universidade Católica Portuguesa do Porto. Member of the Center for Legal, Economic, International, and Environmental Studies (CEJEIA) at Universidade Lusíada in the Legal and Environmental Research Group (ORCID 0000-0002-9816-0621).

Work Experience:

A lawyer since 2021, she interned at a classic law firm in São João da Madeira, which left her with good memories to this day. She started her practice individually and joined the team at Castilho International Legal Corporation in 2023. In her professional career, she works in various areas such as Labor Law, Family and Succession Law, Civil Law, and Credit Recovery.


Sousa, Fernanda Raquel, (2023) Direct and Indirect Elections, in Doctrine and Electoral Constitution for 200 Years: The Debate on the First Parliamentary Elections (1822), Universidade Lusíada Editora, Portugal, 2023, pp. 52-72.

Sousa, Fernanda Raquel, (2023) Participation as a speaker at the International Congress of Lusobrazilian Law 2023 organized by Damásio Educacional S/A, Brazil, held online from June 26 to 30, 2023, presenting on June 30 a communication entitled: "Legal Consequences of New and Modern Family Configurations."

Sousa, Fernanda Raquel, (2023) Participation as a speaker in the Pós-Luso Minicourses organized by Damásio Educacional S/A, Brazil, held online on July 25, 2023, presenting a communication entitled: "Marriage and Divorce in the Portuguese Legal System."


Portuguese and English.