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ESG Advocacy and Policy

People inspire us. The world moves us.

Inspired and powered by people, we advocate best practices in ESG – Environmental Social Governance. At Castilho, we believe that we all have a critical role in creating a more sustainable future. The balance between the economy, society and the planet are not only possible, but it is also urgent and unavoidable.

From an early stage, Castilho took on a role of commitment to future generations, with a corporate purpose of building a more responsible, sustainable, and happy corporate ecosystem.

For this reason, within our organization we apply these practices and extend them to our partners, together creating a positive impact and contributing to a better world:


  • We limit pollutants and harmful chemicals
  • Responsible management of raw material
  • We actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • We use regenerative sources of energy


  • Paying employees, a fair and timely salary
  • Implementation of a robust talent and human capital management strategy
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion
  • We support gender equality and sexual orientation rights
  • We operate in an ethical supply chain


  • Diversified leadership board
  • Valuation of the separation of the role of the CEO from the Administration
  • Credit quality targets
  • Dedicated to corporate integrity

Our action about the commitment to ESG values is not limited to applying them.

We support and help our customers to develop their business strategies according to the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. Castilho has a follow-up team of Customers and Partners with extensive knowledge in this matter and is constantly up to date regarding the existing or planned regulation.