12 July 2022

Castilho International Legal Corporation

2022 is undoubtedly a year of great changes at Castilho. From the birth of the new brand - Castilho International Legal Corporation -, to the launch of the new website and the great news that will be unveiled very soon.
With the birth of Castilho International Legal Corporation, it was possible to integrate two companies with a large presence in the national and international market, Castilho International Legal Asset Management Lda (Legal Asset Management Company) and Tavares Castilho, Rodrigues e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados SP RL (International Law Fim).
This merger allows us to offer versatile, bold, customized, and legally sustainable solutions to our customers and partners, always with an international approach.
So that it is possible to know the true essence of Castilho and all the services and areas of activity, a website was developed in its image, which equally conveys the brand's values, enabling the user to become involved in a new and sustainable reality.
Our users will also be able to get to know each member of the team, both professionally and personally, because at Castilho, technical quality results from the combination of necessary professional and academic experience, combined with human quality, essential for legal practice.
But the news doesn't stop there...
Soon we will announce another great and much desired news!