04 January 2022

Pandemic during the festive season

During Christmas and New Year, several countries reinforced the measures to control the pandemic. Find out now the impact of these measures and tell us how it changed your Christmas.

Another year has come to an end and with it the long-awaited Christmas season. All over the world, millions of people have come together as a family to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve.

However, like last year, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from living it as we were used to.

The presence of Covid-19 and the OMICRON variant continued to be notorious and their impact was felt around the world.

According to the Flight Aware website, more than 7000 flights were canceled just over the Christmas weekend.

In the United Kingdom, along with a large increase in the number of infected, the queues at the vaccination centers had no rest, with up to a million doses of vaccine administered in a single day.

In France, and with the number of cases escalating, the government of Emmanuel Macron is expected to make vaccination mandatory.

In Spain and Italy it is again mandatory to wear masks in the street.

In Portugal, as a way to prevent possible post-Christmas worsening, the Government decreed new containment measures starting on Christmas Day (25 December) until 10 January.

From teleworking, to the resumption of classes only on January 10th, and the closing of bars and clubs, there are several measures in place.

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