17 October 2022

Digital Nomads: goodbye D7 Visa

The legislation for temporary stay and residence permit (up to 1 year), for digital nomads was published in Diário da República (DR), last September 30th.

Until now, many used the tourist visa or the model 7, which is mainly for retired people.
With this change, and starting already at the end of October (30), anyone may apply, provided that

  • Present an employment contract, a statement from the employer proving the employment link or a promise of an employment contract;
  • Present a proof of fiscal residence;
  • Present an average monthly income in the last three months of 2820€ (equivalent to 4 monthly minimum wages);

According to the information shared by InvestPorto, around 3600 digital nomads arrived in the second quarter of this year (2022) per month in the city of Porto. It is expected this number to grow even more with this change.

Legal Feedback
Legal Feedback