04 September 2023

European Union’s Initiatives to fight climatechange

We witness, on a daily basis, an unprecedented scenario of climate changes with visible and worldwide consequences.

While on one side of the globe, there are "heatwaves" and devastating fires, on the other side, equally catastrophic natural phenomena such as floods and storms are occurring.

Global warming is leading to increasingly significant and often irreversible consequences. The European Union (EU), through various initiatives, has sought to establish a climate agenda aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Achieving "neutral" impact on the climate means that countries must make substantial efforts to drastically reduce the causes of greenhouse gas effects and global warming. In other words, they need to reach a "zero point" of harmful environmental impact by drastically reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and finding ways to offset the remaining unavoidable emissions.

Despite the EU having set its goal of climate neutrality by 2050, aware of the urgency of the matter, it has decided to establish shorter-term measures. As an intermediate step, countries commit to reducing over half (55%) of their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Thus, the EU countries have taken a commitment towards the world that will require conscious measures in all sectors, including agriculture, industry, transportation, food production, construction, consumption, and more.

However, looking at these initiatives from a distance and thinking that it is a task "for the countries" remains a reality for many, when in fact, this commitment and responsibility belong to each and every one of us as "neighbors" on this shared planet.

Climate changes pose one of the greatest threats to our world, impacting the health of entire populations and the survival of thousands of species. It is no longer evident that the world is changing – the world has already changed. And with it, we must also change and finally become aware of the urgency of our concern and action.

Today, right now, it is necessary to change, each day, every day, for a better world!

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