08 February 2024

Maximum Deadline for Credit Recovery in Portugal

In Portugal, as in many other countries, creditors have rights and deadlines established by law to recover unpaid debts.

A crucial aspect in this process is the maximum legal deadline for a creditor to initiate credit recovery action against a debtor. This deadline is stipulated by the Portuguese Civil Code and holds significant importance in the context of commercial and contractual relationships.

According to the Portuguese Civil Code, the maximum deadline for a creditor to initiate credit recovery action is 20 years. This means that once the credit becomes due (i.e., when payment is owed and not made), the creditor has up to 20 years to take legal measures to recover the amount owed.

This deadline is established by Article 309 of the Portuguese Civil Code, which states that 'liquid and due debts expire within twenty years'. This legal provision provides a clear basis for creditors in Portugal, enabling them to recover their credits within a specific period of time.

It is important to note that this deadline is quite extensive and provides creditors with a significant window of opportunity to seek recovery of outstanding credits. However, it is also crucial for debtors to be aware of this deadline and their financial obligations in order to avoid potential legal consequences in the future.

Legal Feedback
Legal Feedback