13 March 2023

Technological developments in the legal sector

With technology constantly evolving, it is necessary for the world to keep up.

The practice of law is no exception, being one of the oldest professions in history, it has been evolving since the dawn of mankind.
The need for computerisation comes not only from the number of processes, but also from their complexities. More and more platforms are needed to viably streamline the analysis of cases and their sources.
This is exactly where the IT function in a law firm comes in.
The introduction of this position will not be only, although extremely important, to provide basic support. The aim is to look ahead and make the work more and more practical and complete.
Some examples in this sense are the introduction of tools, such as the certification of email delivery, platforms for clients with access to their files, the evolution of case management softwares, among others.
In the computer and digital world, imagination has no limits.