18 April 2024

The Impact of Music on Society

Capable of arousing sensations, expressing emotions, or describing certain moments, music has the potential to, in each minute, create in each of us a sensation of a home embrace, confidence, or a simple smile or tear.

If we take thirty seconds to think about what music represents in our daily lives and in our mental health, we quickly conclude that it is one of its pillars. From the commercial music playing on the morning radio, to the calm and serene music playing in the background during a moment of concentration, to the lively and energetic music on the way to a relaxing evening, all of them, in some way, alter our day.

Understood by Plato as "the great remedy of the soul," music can stimulate creativity, reducing anxiety and stress, improving memory, increasing concentration, and motivation itself.

While the same music may not have the same effect on everyone, it is considered that for each person, there are certain melodies that awaken a sense of humor, joy, or sadness in a unique and personal way. It creates social connections and bridges generations, portraying and characterizing moments for which, sometimes, it is not possible to find the right words. It improves each of our days in the simplest and most spontaneous way.

In general, music is a world unto itself.