10 October 2023

The Vital Role of Law Firms in Credit Recovery

In a challenging financial landscape like that of Portugal and Spain, credit recovery is a critical area that demands detailed knowledge of the law and the best legal strategies.

At Castilho International Legal Corporation, we play a crucial role in our clients' credit recovery, offering a variety of services that ensure effective and legal recovery of outstanding amounts.

One of the cornerstones of our service is specialized legal consultancy. We are dedicated to a thorough analysis of credit contracts, guarantees, and other related documents, identifying potential irregularities or legal opportunities that can benefit our clients. We stay constantly updated on the evolution of legislation in Portugal, ensuring full compliance with consumer protection and insolvency laws, while also developing effective legal strategies for credit recovery.

In advocating for our clients' interests, we act as their attorneys, including legal representation in court proceedings when necessary. In other words, when debtors refuse to fulfill their financial obligations, we take action by initiating legal proceedings and ensuring the effective and assertive protection of our clients' interests.

We also recognize that credit recovery goes beyond mere litigation. Often, a strategic approach is needed, especially when debtors are facing financial difficulties. Our approach is conciliatory, aiming for fair and feasible payment agreements, always with the goal of avoiding lengthy and costly litigation.

Legal Feedback
Legal Feedback