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Full-service Law Firm.

We are a Law Firm based in Portugal and offer our customers a 360º service. We combine our experience with the rigour of the solutions we develop.

After almost 20 years we face each challenge with the same enthusiasm. We represent our customers, who seek a partner they can identify with and who shares their values, with a genuine and innovative perspective thus remaining essential partners in life and business.


Our main customers are SMEs, as well as Multinationals and International Investors seeking advice on cross-border transactions.

With an available, accessible, and tailored customer-based approach, Castilho is committed to offering high-quality legal advice, based on technical accuracy.

We abide by the ethical principles and values of the legal profession, namely integrity, loyalty, independence, continuing training, dignity, respect, and absolute professional secrecy. These values and principles, as well as the norms and rules of conduct applicable to the firm, are included in the company's Internal Regulation, which comprises the Code of Ethics, the internal regulations against money laundering and the financing of terrorists, the Business Compliance Program, and internal policies, registered at the BAR ASSOCIATION - CODE OF ETHICS.

A unique approach

At Castilho Advogados, we have an original and strategic vision of the various economic sectors that surround us. This approach allows us to develop our legal activity based on market sector divisions and independent research, thus creating solid and lasting relationships with our customers.

Our teams are composed of professionals of excellence in the various legal areas, with deep and detailed knowledge about each sector. This enables us to provide effective advice to our customers adapted to their specific needs and challenges.

We believe this is the best way to deliver quality services that exceed our customers’ expectations anywhere in the world.

In a global and regulated economy, the proactive knowledge and management of competition, regulation and European Union rules are determining factors for the success of a business.

For this reason, we have a team of qualified lawyers devoted exclusively to competition law, regulation, and the European Union. We have deep knowledge of the applicable regulatory framework and can advise companies in the most diverse sectors of activity. We seek to articulate the legal requirements with the commercial interests of our customers.

We are a team with the highest technical expertise, providing services adapted to different circumstances, in an increasingly digital world, but with the active presence of the traditional strategic sectors.

Our experience allows us to represent our customers' interests in judicial and arbitration litigation.

Our priority is to solve disputes quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact for the customer. Our litigation and arbitration team seeks to find effective solutions to prevent complex litigation.

Our expertise in legal and tax matters helps to achieve results that benefit our customers. We offer a complete representation and legal advice multidisciplinary service to national and multinational companies.

Castilho's Credit Recovery area aims, in a specialized and systematic way, to provide personalized services in the preparation and monitoring of the entire process.

We have a team dedicated to this area, with extensive experience in solving rigorous and complex procedures.

Our goal is to maximize the results for our customers whilst safeguarding their interests.

Castilho has extensive experience in corporate restructuring and insolvency processes.

Our team ensures a specialized and fast service oriented towards practical and efficient solutions, always safeguarding the interests of our customers.

Castilho Advogados constantly monitors legal and economic changes that impact restructuring and insolvency processes. For this reason, we can offer appropriate and viable solutions for each context.

We have a dedicated Sports Law area with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to sports industry matters.

Castilho Advogados provides legal advice and follow-up in the processes of sports associations and organizations. We rely on the solid knowledge and proven experience of our team, who is in permanent cooperation with the sports business entities.

The area of Finance and Banking is composed of a team of lawyers with knowledge and experience acquired from the resolution of complex processes in the area.

We provide legal advice regarding financial products and services and ease the management of financial assets for national and multinational companies.

We have extensive experience with the legal and regulatory aspects of each sector, which enables us to offer our clients a broad overview of the tax, labour and administrative aspects of a given process.

The real estate sector is undergoing a phase of constant dynamism. For this reason, we have a team specialized in legal practices which are essential to do business in the real estate sector.

We provide advice to large and medium-sized private companies, public entities, and national and international investors.

Always abiding by the truth and having extensive knowledge of the complexity of technical-bureaucratic issues, we seek to provide personalized and adequate services to each customer, ranging from acquisition, and licensing, to the preparation of purchase and sale contracts, assignment of rights and lease of real estate.

This area has been of increasing importance to our customers, who come to us with predominant and challenging issues.

Our team has extensive experience, particularly in handling relevant and highly complex processes in this area.

We resort to methods of financial transparency to ensure our customers feel safe and confident regarding their processes.

The Criminal, Sanctioning and Compliance department of Castilho Advogados has a team of lawyers with extensive experience in representing national and international customers in complex cases. We seek to provide specialized and individualized legal advice, either in situations of a criminal or administrative nature.

Our main objective is to defend the interests of our customers, from a perspective of risk prevention, namely through the creation of Compliance programs or due diligence.

The area of intellectual property and information technology is a demanding and rigorous commitment, namely regarding data protection, patents, trademarks, and copyright.

The technological revolution we face today poses daily challenges to our teams. Internet and cyberspace have become the most transversal place in the world and, therefore, among the most demanding in terms of protecting rights.

Our team of specialized lawyers aims to respond to the growing demands imposed by the technological revolution, with a strong economic impact. Our lawyers act to defend and protect the rights and interests of our national and international customers.

Castilho Advogados has a team that offers specialized legal services in Public Law & Environment, aimed at promoting the citizens’ quality of life. We are prepared to provide advice to our private and public customers to find innovative and appropriate legal solutions.

Our priority is to offer customers a high-quality service with specialization in the legal-environmental area, seeking to meet their effective needs.

The global economy has created many opportunities, but also new challenges for national and international companies. The requirement and rigour of contractual and organisational complexity must necessarily reach higher levels.

These new challenges, which meet the growing need to implement new optimisation and social responsibility actions, require equally robust and practical responses.

Castilho Advogados presents a multidisciplinary team, capable of promptly responding to matters of commercial law, corporate law, contractual law, mergers, and acquisitions.

We support our customers in the most diverse labour issues, namely, collective labour relations, business restructuring, labour litigation, disciplinary procedures, job termination procedures, etc.

Our goal is to provide strategic labour advice to our national and international customers, from the most diverse and relevant sectors of economic activity.

As such, Castilho Advogados has a team of experienced lawyers with solid skills in Labour Law, capable of offering our customers quality and personalized services.

Castilho has a team specialized in Immigration Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, and Real Estate Law. We seek to provide individualized assistance to each foreign investor who wants to settle in Portugal, benefiting from the Non-Habitual Resident (RNH) or Golden Visa tax regime.

Our lawyers are experts in this matter, so they support our customers in different processes, namely the restructuring of their assets, changing their tax residency, or even applying for registration as a Non-Habitual Resident (NHR).

Similarly, Castilho helps Portuguese and non-Portuguese citizens to settle in Portugal. Our teams also assist our customers throughout the entire emigration process. We accompany our customers from the first minute, helping them with all the legal issues that should be taken into consideration, considering the country of destination, and duration, among other factors.

This process can sometimes be complex, so the help of a specialized entity ensures specific and enlightening solutions are chosen.

At Castilho we promote the importance of the protection and security of personal data, so we have developed a team dedicated to this theme. We seek appropriate and efficient solutions that ensure compliance with the applicable legislation on Personal Data Protection and Cybersecurity.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mandatory in any situation that requires personal data, so its compliance must be properly ensured.

Castilho analyses and evaluates the method of collection and processing of the personal data of customers, workers and third parties, ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation and legal data protection obligations. In addition, we assess the Cybersecurity risks and advise solutions for the day-to-day management of these issues.

The regularisation of Real Estate allows the development and gathering of a set of information on the buildings in a single technical report, namely the correct identification of real estate and other integrated elements.

Through the Land Registration Law and Real Estate Law, it is possible to gather all the elements about existing buildings in Mainland Portugal.

Castilho assists in this process of identification and characterization of the real estate, as well as the collection and treatment of the other elements.

At Castilho, we are aware of the importance of Start-ups for the national economy, as well as the challenges that investors and entrepreneurs face. Many Start-ups seem to have a promising future but sometimes end up derailing due to the need to professionalize the company.

Our teams are prepared to support small businesses while safeguarding the interests and rights of venture capitalists. We provide legal advice on various legal, labour, commercial and tax issues, as well as anticipate risk situations and outline effective solutions.