04 July 2023


The increasing dependence on software and technological tools requires heightened attention to cybersecurity.

As companies adopt new solutions to enhance their efficiency and productivity, they also expose themselves to significant risks. Faced with these challenges, it is essential to establish a solid legal foundation to protect confidential information, preserve corporate reputation, and ensure business continuity .

The introduction of new software or work tools is not a simple process, or at least it should not be perceived as such. It is of vital importance to verify the authenticity and credibility of the tool and its manufacturer. At Castilho International Legal Corporation, we recognize the associated dangers and value the necessary prudence in this regard.

Recently, we have witnessed incidents where companies like Google and Microsoft have been hacked and held hostage for information. Although such news may initially evoke fear, we must avoid thinking that "small companies are not of interest" or that "we are a national company and therefore do not need to worry." These ideologies are misguided and highly dangerous.

Often, large companies are targeted as a form of protest or to reveal specific information. However, it is in small and medium-sized enterprises that these groups focus on extracting monetary values. These values are often demanded to be paid in cryptocurrencies, making their recovery and tracking very challenging.
Given this scenario, cybersecurity becomes a crucial investment for any organization, regardless of its size or nationality. Protecting digital infrastructure and sensitive data should not be seen as a mere expense but rather as a fundamental part of strategic planning for a company. Investing in cyber protection is as important as allocating resources to other essential departments, such as sales, marketing, or human resources.