16 January 2024

Domestic Horticulture

A trend for several years now and even a way of life, home gardening is here to stay, whether in a rural or urban context. Here are the general points that explain the reason for this back-to-basics movement.

We begin with the issue of the product itself. All horticultural products grown in home gardens tend to be healthier due to the exclusion of pesticides and subsequently the consumption of unprocessed foods. These benefits have an impact both on physical health and the mental well-being of individuals.

Considering economic factors, where the higher prices of organic foods pose a hindrance for some budgets, planting represents a financial saving when it comes to fresh produce.

We also cannot overlook the fact that the trend is driven by an environmental consciousness aiming to control ecological footprint and promote a healthy connection with nature.

In addition to the mentioned factors, we could add others that make urban, vertical, educational, communal, and business gardens great news for health, wallets, the environment, and the way we perceive and engage with reality.