30 March 2023

Books & Copyrights

The importance of good reading habits in our education seems undeniable. And by education we should read citizenship, as well as literacy.

A book opens us as soon as we open it.
It opens our imagination. It opens up a whole range of emotions, of ideas, of linguistics, perhaps.
If we think a little about the importance of these objects in our lives, we don't need to expend much energy to understand the need to regulate copyright.
Who can't relate to the frustration of someone taking credit for our work?
What does an artist feel - writer, painter, singer, ... - when he sees someone else reproducing the work he created without his consent? A work that came out of his mind; a work that may be the only source of income he has; a work that he owns and that is being reproduced by someone other than its creator.
And who is that someone? You rightly ask.
That someone who is not the creator of the work that is being reproduced is reaping the fruits of that work. Reaping the fruit of a tree that is not his own. Feeding on it. Stealing.
That's how important copyright is!
It guarantees the possibility of controlling the use of works, as well as their distribution and reproduction, and of being duly remunerated for their commercial exploitation.
In Portugal, copyright protection is ensured by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Law No. 32/2008).
This law defines that copyright protection is automatic and does not require any type of registration. The creator of the work is the copyright holder, which is protected for 70 years after his death.
The author enjoys the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display, perform, translate and adapt his work, as well as to authorise or prohibit its commercial exploitation. Anyone who wants to use it needs the express permission of its creator and often has to pay a fee for its use.
To ensure the protection of copyright, it is necessary to have effective measures for monitoring and punishment in case of violation of these rights.
In Portugal, the law foresees several sanctions for those who violate copyright, from fines to imprisonment.
In addition to copyright law, there are other measures that can be adopted to protect works, one of them being the registration of the work with the copyright society, which allows authors to manage the commercial exploitation of their work and receive adequate compensation for its use.
Didn't I tell you there are lessons in citizenship as well as literacy?!
Read a lot and create even more. The world appreciates it!