30 March 2023


In recent years, the world has witnessed the emergence and exponential growth of startups in various sectors of the global economy. Startups are emerging companies that stand out for their innovation, creativity and agility, seeking to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

The impact of these companies on the global economy has been significant. Startups are shaping the way business is done, bringing new business models, disruptive technologies and innovative solutions to complex problems. These are companies that are changing the way people work, their consumption patterns and the way they relate to each other on a daily basis.

One of the main contributions of startups to the global economy is job creation. These companies have proven to be great generators of employment, especially in areas such as technology , innovation and services. In addition, startups have been responsible for creating new business opportunities, creating new markets and stimulating economic growth.

Another important impact of startups on the global economy is the attraction of investments. Investors have become increasingly interested in investing in emerging companies that have growth potential and a significant financial return.

Startups have also contributed to increasing competitiveness in the sectors in which they operate. These companies are usually more agile and flexible than established companies, which allows them to adapt more quickly to market changes and needs. From the internal point of view of startups, openness to new solutions such as remote work is something that attracts a lot of candidates looking for greater labour flexibility, which has been fundamental for these companies to be able to compete on an equal footing with consolidated companies.

We thus realise that startups have a significant impact on the world economy. They are emerging companies that are transforming the way business is done, creating jobs, attracting investment and stimulating the growth of economies. With their creativity and innovation, startups have the potential to change the world and create a better future.